Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ic

Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ic
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  1. Overview of the Hoshizaki ‍KM-301BAJ⁣ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube ⁢Ice Machine⁣ Maker with 100 lb. ⁤Storage Capacity, 290 lbs/Day, ‌115v, NSF
  2. Highlighting the Cutting-Edge ⁣Features of⁤ the Hoshizaki⁤ KM-301BAJ
  3. Insights⁤ and Recommendations‌ for⁤ the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ Crescent Cube Ice Machine

The Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine Maker with​ 100 lb. Storage Capacity is a remarkable ice-making machine that‍ combines efficiency with durability. With ‌its sleek stainless steel exterior, this ice maker exudes⁢ a sense of ‌elegance‍ and⁣ professionalism.

With⁢ a production capacity of up​ to 290 pounds‌ of ⁣ice per day, this‍ machine is perfect for busy establishments that require a constant supply of ice. ‌Whether you're⁣ running a ⁢bar, ‍restaurant, or catering service, the KM-301BAJ will ensure that you never run out of ice, even during the busiest ‍of times.

What sets‌ this ice maker apart is its built-in ​storage capacity ⁢of‍ 100 pounds, allowing you to store a large amount ‍of ice for future use. This eliminates the need for additional​ storage units,​ freeing⁣ up valuable space ‍in your establishment.

The KM-301BAJ produces⁤ crescent-shaped ice⁤ cubes that are not only ⁣visually ​appealing​ but⁤ also melt slowly, ensuring‌ that your drinks stay cold for ⁤longer periods. These cubes are perfect for a variety of applications, from chilling beverages to creating eye-catching⁤ displays.

In addition to its impressive performance, the KM-301BAJ is built to last.⁢ Made with a durable stainless steel exterior, this machine can withstand the demands of⁤ a ‍fast-paced environment. Its 6-inch painted legs provide stability and ensure that the machine stays securely in ⁢place.

Furthermore, the KM-301BAJ is protected⁤ with ‌H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent, ensuring that your ⁣ice ‌remains safe and free from contamination. The EverCheck™ alert system also keeps you informed of any potential issues, allowing for timely maintenance and preventing ​any disruptions to⁤ your ‍ice production.

With​ its ADA compliant ‍bin opening, this ice⁤ maker caters to individuals with disabilities, ‌ensuring that everyone⁤ can ⁢easily access the ice. It is also UL, NSF, and ⁢cETLus certified, meeting the ⁢highest industry standards ⁣for safety ‍and quality.

With dimensions of 30 inches in width, ‌28 inches ​in depth, and 39 inches in height, the KM-301BAJ ​is compact enough to fit into any space while still providing ample ice production and storage capacity.

Overall, the⁣ Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-Inch⁤ Air-Cooled ⁣Modular⁢ Crescent Cube Ice Machine‍ Maker with 100 lb. Storage Capacity combines efficiency, durability, and convenience to deliver exceptional ice-making capabilities. Whether it's for a‌ bustling⁢ restaurant or‍ a high-end ​event, this ice⁢ maker is sure⁢ to exceed all expectations.

Overview of the Hoshizaki ‍KM-301BAJ⁣ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube ⁢Ice Machine⁣ Maker with 100 lb. ⁤Storage Capacity, 290 lbs/Day, ‌115v, NSF

The Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ is a top-of-the-line ⁤ice machine maker‌ that⁢ is ⁣designed to meet⁤ the high demands of any⁤ commercial ⁤setting. With a production capacity ⁢of up to‍ 290 lbs of ice per day, this ‍air-cooled modular ice machine is built to keep up with even the busiest establishments. The self-contained condenser ensures efficient operation, while the front-opening bin makes ⁤it ‍easy ⁢to access the ice when you need it.

One of the standout features of the KM-301BAJ is its 100 lb. built-in storage capacity. With⁢ 3.3 cubic feet of space, ⁣this ice machine can hold a significant amount of ice, reducing the need for constant refilling. The crescent style ​ice cubes⁤ produced by⁣ this machine ⁤are perfect ⁤for‌ a variety of applications, whether you're ‍serving drinks or keeping food chilled.⁣ The durable stainless steel exterior not only looks sleek but also ensures long-lasting performance. Plus, ⁤with the EverCheck™​ alert system, you can stay‍ informed about the machine's status and address ‍any potential issues promptly.

In terms⁤ of dimensions, the KM-301BAJ measures 30"​ W x 28"⁣ D x 39" H, making it a compact‍ and space-saving‌ option. The 6" painted legs ‍provide ⁤stability,‍ while the ADA Compliant bin ‌opening allows for easy ⁤accessibility. This ice machine‍ is also UL, ⁣NSF, and cETLus certified, guaranteeing its ‌quality and safety. Overall, the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine Maker with 100 lb. Storage ‌Capacity is a reliable and efficient choice for any establishment in need of a high-quality ice ‍solution.

Highlighting the Cutting-Edge ⁣Features of⁤ the Hoshizaki⁤ KM-301BAJ

The Hoshizaki⁤ KM-301BAJ is‌ an innovative 30-inch air-cooled modular crescent cube‍ ice‌ machine maker that brings cutting-edge features to your ice-making needs. With a ​production capacity ‌of ⁣up to 290 ‍lb/24 hours at‌ 70°/50°, this ice maker ‌ensures a steady and reliable⁤ supply of ice⁤ to meet ⁣the demands of your business. Its AHRI certified 212 ‍lb production capacity at 90°/70° further demonstrates its exceptional performance.

One of‌ the ⁤standout features of the KM-301BAJ is its impressive⁣ 100 lb built-in ice ⁤storage capacity, providing ample storage space​ for your ice ⁣needs. The front opening bin allows for easy ‍access and retrieval‍ of ice, making it ​convenient and efficient. ⁣No more ⁣digging around in a deep freezer to‌ find the ice you need! The stainless‍ steel exterior not only gives the machine a sleek and professional‍ look but also ensures durability and‍ longevity. Additionally, the 6" painted legs provide stability and sturdiness to the unit.

Equipped with H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent, the KM-301BAJ ensures that⁤ your ice⁢ remains clean and​ sanitary. ​This‍ antimicrobial agent helps to inhibit the​ growth of ⁣bacteria ⁣and other microbes, ensuring the quality and safety of your ice. The EverCheck™ alert system is another unique feature that provides added convenience and peace of mind. It alerts you to any issues or malfunctions, allowing for prompt maintenance and minimizing downtime. On top of that, the KM-301BAJ is⁣ ADA compliant, with a bin opening⁣ that meets the requirements⁣ for accessibility.⁣

Overall, the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ​ offers a combination of power, efficiency, and convenience. Its high production capacity, ample storage, crescent-shaped ice cubes, and durable construction make it a top choice for businesses⁣ in need of a reliable and efficient ice maker. With its cutting-edge ‌features and exceptional performance,⁤ this ‍ice machine is sure ⁣to exceed your⁤ expectations.

Insights⁤ and Recommendations‌ for⁤ the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ Crescent Cube Ice Machine


The Hoshizaki⁢ KM-301BAJ Crescent Cube Ice Machine is ⁤a reliable and efficient solution for businesses in‍ need of⁢ a steady supply of ice. With a production‌ capacity of ​up ‌to 290 lbs⁣ of ice per​ day, this machine ensures that you never run​ out of ice, even⁣ during peak hours. Additionally, it‌ features a spacious 100 lb built-in storage capacity, ​providing⁣ ample​ space ‌to store ice for future ​use. No more worrying about running out of ice during busy⁤ periods​ or events.

This ice machine utilizes a self-contained air-cooled condenser, which efficiently cools and freezes water to form crescent-shaped ice cubes. These crescent-style cubes not only look visually ​appealing but also have a unique shape​ that‍ allows liquids to ​flow‍ around them, making ‌them perfect ‍for refreshing beverages. The ice maker's stainless steel exterior adds durability and a ⁣sleek appearance that will ⁣complement any commercial⁢ kitchen. With its compact ⁣dimensions⁤ of 30" W ‍x⁣ 28" D x ​39" ⁢H, this ice machine is​ designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace, saving valuable floor space. Packed with innovative features ⁣such as the EverCheck™ alert​ system, which notifies you of any potential issues, and the ⁣H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent, which ensures cleanliness and hygiene, this ‍machine prioritizes both convenience and safety. Solidly ‍constructed and designed to‌ meet ADA compliance standards, the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ Crescent ⁢Cube Ice Machine is a reliable and​ efficient choice for ‌any business in need of a high-quality ice solution.

In conclusion, the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine Maker‌ is a top-notch product ⁤that is sure to exceed your⁢ expectations.⁢ With its impressive production capacity ‌of up to 290 ‍lbs of ice per ⁢day and a built-in⁣ storage capacity of‍ 100 lbs, you'll never have to worry about ⁣running out of ice again.

The ⁤crescent-shaped⁣ ice cubes produced by this ⁣machine are not⁣ only visually appealing but also perfect for a variety of applications. Whether ⁤you're⁤ hosting a party, running a restaurant, or simply want to keep your beverages⁤ chilled, ​this ice⁢ maker will ⁣always come in handy.

Crafted with a durable stainless steel exterior, this ice machine‌ is built to last and withstand heavy usage. It also features a‌ front opening bin for ‌easy access and 6" painted⁢ legs for stability and convenience. The H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent ensures that your ice​ remains clean and ​safe⁣ for consumption.

With its EverCheck™ alert ‍system, you can ⁢rest⁣ assured that this ice maker will always be functioning at its best. It ⁤is also ADA compliant,‍ making it suitable for use in any setting.

To enhance your ice-making experience, don't miss the opportunity to ‌get your⁢ hands on⁣ the Hoshizaki KM-301BAJ 30-Inch Air-Cooled Modular Crescent Cube Ice Machine Maker. Click here [INSERT CLICKABLE HTML FORMAT LINK HERE] ⁢to purchase this ⁢incredible product on Amazon.com. Trust⁣ us, you won't be ⁢disappointed!

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