Ice Cube Makers, Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical High-Power Ice Machine, Fast Ice Making in 12 Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making

Ice Cube Makers, Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical High-Power Ice Machine, Fast Ice Making in 12 Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making
Table of contents
  1. Overview: A High-Power Ice Cube Maker for Fast and Convenient Ice Making
  2. Highlighting the Powerful Features ‌of the Commercial Ice Maker: Fast Ice Making‍ and ‌Large Ice Storage ⁣Capacity
  3. Detailed ​Insights​ and Recommendations‍ for Using the ⁤Vertical‍ High-Power Ice Machine ​in ‍Restaurants, Coffee Shops,⁣ and Bars
  4. Pros & Cons

Introducing‍ the Ice Cube Makers, ⁤a commercial ice maker that offers fast⁤ ice making in just 12 minutes, with ⁤a capacity of 397LB/24H. This vertical high-power ice machine is designed⁤ for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other food establishments. But what sets this⁤ ice maker apart​ from ⁣others ⁤in the market?

With safety as a ‌top priority, the Ice Cube Makers are made ⁤of⁢ durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and hygienic ice production. The smart​ LCD screen provides easy operation and ⁤monitoring ⁢of the ​ice making process. ⁢Plus, the‍ one-key cleaning feature makes maintenance a breeze, ensuring ‍a‌ clean and sanitary environment for your customers.

One ‍of‌ the main concerns when purchasing an ice machine​ is ⁣the amount of ice produced. Rest assured, as the Ice ⁢Cube Makers boast a high ice making capacity, with options for ‍105 or 126 ice trays. Each ice cube is ‌square-shaped, perfect‌ for a ⁣variety of beverages and cooling needs. And with a quick 12-15 minutes⁤ per ice out time, you'll never‌ run‍ out of ice again.

Additionally, the Ice Cube ​Makers offer a generous ice storage ‌capacity of 110LB (50KG), allowing for convenient access to ice during peak hours. The machine is‍ equipped with water shortage protection, ⁣automatically stopping when the ice is full, ‍ensuring efficient and worry-free​ operation.

Maintenance is made easy with the automatic‌ cleaning function, eliminating the need‍ for tedious manual​ cleaning. The ice maker also features failsafe detection, providing peace of ‌mind and preventing any ​potential ⁣malfunctions.

The Ice Cube⁣ Makers cater⁣ to various businesses, including coffee shops, milk tea shops, kitchens, and ‌restaurants. Its sleek and freestanding ⁣design, coupled with its compact size, allows for easy installation in any space. The interior is made of smooth anti-rust ‍stainless steel, and the entire machine is foamed‌ and insulated, ensuring that your ice cubes remain intact for hours after‍ power failure.

This‌ versatile ice maker is suitable for both commercial and large⁢ home use. Its powerful ice-making capability, with‍ a motor power⁢ of 760W/850W, ensures a quick and constant supply of ice. Producing⁢ up to 331-397LB of ice cubes in 24 hours, you'll never have to worry about‍ running out of ice⁤ again.

In conclusion, the⁢ Ice Cube Makers provide ⁢an optimally configured ice machine,‌ saving you money while ​delivering excellent performance. With ‍its safety features, fast ice-making capabilities, and convenient maintenance options, this commercial ice maker is⁢ an ideal investment for businesses in the food ⁤industry.‍ Experience the convenience and‌ efficiency of⁤ the Ice Cube Makers and enjoy a‍ well-equipped ice machine that meets ⁤all your needs.

Overview: A High-Power Ice Cube Maker for Fast and Convenient Ice Making

Ice Cube Makers, Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical High-Power ⁣Ice Machine, Fast Ice Making in 12 Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making

If you've ever had issues with low ice​ production, unhygienic cleaning, or​ inconsistent ice cube thickness, then this high-power ice machine is‍ the perfect solution for you.‌ With its advanced features and reliable⁢ performance, it ⁣offers‍ a well-configured ice making experience while saving‍ you money.

One of the key advantages ⁤of this‍ ice machine is its safety ⁣stainless ‍steel construction, ensuring ​durability⁤ and longevity. The smart LCD screen and detailed indicator lights provide ⁤a user-friendly interface, allowing for ⁢easy ​operation and monitoring. Plus, the convenient one-key cleaning‌ feature ensures that the machine stays hygienic and maintains optimal‍ performance.

With its water ‍shortage protection and automatic stop when ‍ice‍ is full, you can have peace of mind knowing that the ​ice maker will‍ operate smoothly and⁤ efficiently.‍ The failsafe detection⁢ adds an extra⁤ layer of reliability, minimizing any chances of⁣ malfunction.

The ​ice machine comes in two ⁣variations, offering⁤ a choice between⁢ 105 and 126 ice trays. ‍Both models are made with high-quality‍ materials, including a ‍304 stainless steel shell and pure copper nickel-plated ice trays. The power output ranges from⁣ 760W to ‍850W, enabling ‍fast ice making in approximately 12-15 minutes.‌ In a span of 24 hours, this machine can produce up to 108 to 126 ice‍ trays, with a ⁤total capacity ⁣of 150KG/331LB to ⁢180KG/397LB.

Thanks to its freestanding ⁢design, this ice cube maker is suitable for various locations, such as coffee shops, milk ⁤tea shops, kitchens, and restaurants. It features⁤ a compact‌ size of 660610920MM (262436 IN), ‍making ‌it easy to⁣ install in any space⁣ with a‌ water outlet nearby. Additionally, the entire machine is foam-insulated, ensuring that the ⁤ice cubes​ remain intact for up to 5-8 hours ⁤after a power outage.

Designed ⁣for both commercial‌ and large home use,⁤ this ice‍ maker is perfect for establishments that require high ⁤ice output and crystal-clear ice cubes. Whether you own ​a restaurant, bar, hotel, or grocery store,‌ this machine ​combines ​efficiency, ⁣capacity, and a self-contained ⁤compact design to meet all your ice making needs.

Don't miss out on the powerful ice-making capability of this commercial/domestic ice maker.‍ With its powerful⁣ motor, it can produce up to 331-397LB ⁢of ice cubes in just⁤ 24 hours, ensuring a⁢ steady supply of ice. The generous ice storage capacity of 110LB ⁣(50KG) ensures ⁣that you'll never run out of ice during peak ⁤hours. Thanks to its automatic shutdown‍ feature when the ice is full, you can always maintain a ​clean and hygienic environment without‍ worrying about overflowing ice.

In summary, if you're ⁢looking for a high-power ice cube maker⁢ that delivers fast ⁤and convenient ice making, ⁤this ice machine is an excellent choice. ⁢With‍ its safety features, user-friendly controls, and impressive ice production capabilities, it will undoubtedly become an essential tool for your ‌restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or any⁢ other establishment in need⁢ of‌ a reliable ice maker.

Highlighting the Powerful Features ‌of the Commercial Ice Maker: Fast Ice Making‍ and ‌Large Ice Storage ⁣Capacity

Ice Cube‍ Makers, Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical ​High-Power Ice Machine, Fast Ice Making in‌ 12 Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making
The commercial ice maker being reviewed offers powerful features that make it an excellent choice ⁢for businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. With ​its fast ice-making⁢ capabilities, it can⁤ produce ice cubes in just ​12 minutes, ensuring a constant supply of ice to meet ‌the demands⁢ of your establishment.‌ Additionally, it has an impressive ‌ice-making capacity of 397 pounds per day, allowing you to keep up with high ice consumption.

One of the‌ standout features of this ice maker is its large ice storage capacity of 110 pounds.‍ This means you can store⁤ a significant amount of ice without worrying​ about⁣ running out during peak hours. The⁤ automatic cleaning function is also a great advantage,⁢ as it ensures that the ice machine remains hygienic and free from ⁢any contaminants.

Safety is paramount when it comes ⁣to food-related equipment, and this ice maker‌ doesn't ‌disappoint. ‌It ⁤is made of durable stainless steel, which not only⁣ adds to its​ longevity but ​also ensures that it is​ safe for‌ use in food preparation areas. The microcomputer control system further enhances its⁣ ease of use, with user-friendly⁣ indicator ⁤lights and an LCD screen that provides real-time updates on the ice-making ⁢process.

Another notable feature of this ice maker⁢ is its energy-saving design. Equipped with a powerful compressor, it ensures efficient cooling while consuming less energy. It also has water​ shortage⁢ protection and‍ automatic ⁢shutdown when the ice storage‍ is full, preventing any potential ⁢mishaps or damage to ⁢the machine.

In terms‌ of installation, the ​freestanding ⁤design of this ice ‌maker allows for versatility ‍in placement. Whether in a kitchen or ‌a bar, its compact size and smooth stainless steel interior make it easy to integrate into any space.⁣ It‌ is worth⁤ mentioning that this ice maker produces crystal clear ice cubes, adding a touch of elegance to your drinks.

Overall, this commercial ⁣ice maker offers a reliable and efficient solution for ‍businesses in ​need of a high-quality ⁣ice machine. With its powerful features, fast ice-making time, large storage‍ capacity, ​and easy maintenance, it​ is sure to meet the ‍demands of any establishment.

Detailed ​Insights​ and Recommendations‍ for Using the ⁤Vertical‍ High-Power Ice Machine ​in ‍Restaurants, Coffee Shops,⁣ and Bars

Ice Cube⁤ Makers, ⁣Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical High-Power‍ Ice Machine, Fast Ice ⁤Making‍ in‍ 12 Minutes,‌ 397LB/24H Ice Making
When it comes ⁣to choosing an⁣ ice​ machine for your⁤ restaurant, coffee shop, or bar, the Vertical High-Power Ice Machine ​is a ​top contender. This innovative and efficient ice maker offers a range of features and benefits that make it the ideal‌ choice for ⁣businesses‍ in the food and beverage industry.

One⁢ of the ‌standout advantages of this ice machine is its safety stainless steel​ construction. This ensures durability​ and longevity, making it ⁣a reliable investment for your establishment. The smart LCD screen provides ⁢clear and easy-to-read information,⁤ allowing you to monitor the ice-making process‌ with ease.

In‍ terms ⁤of convenience,​ the Vertical ⁤High-Power Ice​ Machine offers‍ one-key cleaning functionality. This ensures ‍effortless maintenance and guarantees a⁢ hygienic ice production⁢ process. Additionally, ​the machine is equipped with water shortage protection, automatically stopping when the ice storage is full.

The‍ ice machine boasts an⁢ impressive ⁢ice-making capability, producing⁤ 397LB (180KG) of ice in just 24 hours. Each ice ‌cube⁢ is square in shape and is made in⁢ as little ⁢as 12 minutes. With‍ a ​large ice storage capacity of 110LB (50KG), you can be confident that you will ⁣always have enough ice on hand to meet⁣ the demands of your ⁤business.

Installation is a breeze with the Vertical High-Power Ice ⁢Machine, as it features a freestanding design.‍ Made​ of high-quality stainless steel, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen or bar setup. The machine⁢ is also energy-saving, with a powerful‍ compressor that automatically ‌shuts down when the water level is ⁢low​ or​ the ice storage is full.

Whether you run a small coffee shop or a bustling restaurant, the‌ Vertical⁣ High-Power Ice Machine is ⁢the perfect solution ⁤for all⁢ your ice-making needs. Its⁣ commercial-grade performance, sleek design, and user-friendly features make it a standout choice in​ the market. Upgrade​ your‍ establishment with ‍this dependable and high-capacity ice machine.

Pros & Cons

Ice ‌Cube Makers, ⁢Commercial Ice‌ Maker, Vertical ⁤High-Power Ice‌ Machine, Fast​ Ice Making in 12 Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making

  1. High-quality stainless ⁣steel construction ensures durability and longevity.
  2. Smart LCD screen and indicator lights provide easy operation and monitoring.
  3. One-key cleaning feature eliminates the hassle of manual cleaning, ensuring hygiene.
  4. Water shortage protection and automatic stop when ice ⁣is full⁣ prevent damage to the ⁤machine.
  5. Failsafe ‍detection feature ensures the machine functions properly⁤ and detects any faults.
  6. Freestanding design allows for⁢ easy ‍installation⁤ in various settings.
  7. Energy-saving compressor cools efficiently and automatically shuts down ‌in case of water shortage or full ice storage.
  8. Large ice making capacity of up to ​397LB/24H ensures a constant⁤ supply of ice.
  9. Ample​ ice storage ‍capacity‌ of 110LB prevents the need for frequent emptying ⁤of the⁣ machine.
  10. Versatile usage in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more.


  1. The weight of ⁣60KG​ may make it difficult to move or transport the machine.
  2. The ‍large size ‍of 660610920MM may require a sufficient amount ⁣of ‌space in the kitchen or restaurant.
  3. The ice machine is only available for⁣ purchase online through the manufacturer.

Overall, the ⁢Ice Cube ​Maker ​is a reliable and high-powered machine that offers fast⁢ ice​ making,‌ automatic cleaning, and various safety features. Its large ‍capacity and versatility make it suitable ⁣for commercial and large home use. ​

Ice Cube Makers, Commercial Ice Maker, Vertical High-Power Ice Machine, Fast⁢ Ice Making ⁣in 12 ‍Minutes, 397LB/24H Ice Making

In conclusion, the⁤ Ice Cube ⁤Makers Commercial Ice Maker ‌is the perfect solution for‍ all⁣ your ice-making needs. Say goodbye to ‌low ice production, unhygienic machines, and ill-fitting ice​ cubes. With this high-power ice machine, you can enjoy fast ice ⁢making‌ in just 12 minutes and produce up ⁤to 397 pounds of ⁢ice in 24 hours.

The ice machine comes with a range of⁢ advantages, including its safety stainless steel construction, smart LCD screen, one-key cleaning, and water shortage protection. It also ⁣features failsafe detection, ensuring a‌ reliable and efficient‍ ice-making process.

With two different styles available and a shell made of 304 stainless steel, this ice machine is not only durable but also ⁣visually appealing. The ice tray is made from pure ​copper nickel-plated material, ensuring the quality ​of the ice cubes.

One of the standout features of this ice machine is its microcomputer⁤ control, making it​ incredibly easy to operate. The detailed indicator lights and LCD display‍ allow you to monitor ⁣the machine's ⁣progress. Plus, it's easy​ to⁣ install, with⁢ simple ⁣procedures‍ required.

Not ‍only ⁢is this ice machine⁣ energy-saving, but it's ⁤also safe to use. Equipped with a powerful cooling compressor, it will be a valuable addition to any bar or kitchen. It features water ‍shortage protection and automatic cleaning, ensuring⁢ a hygienic ice-making experience. You can even set ​a timing appointment ⁢to ​have ice ready for your specific needs.

With its​ freestanding design, this ice maker can be installed anywhere in your home, ⁣restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. ‌It⁣ doesn't⁢ take up much space, and its⁣ smooth⁤ stainless ‌steel interior guarantees long-lasting ice cubes.

Whether you're in need of ice for your business or large⁢ home gatherings, this⁣ commercial/domestic ice maker has you covered. It produces crystal clear ice ‌cubes and can cater to high output⁢ demands with its impressive​ capacity.

Experience the powerful ‍ice-making capability of the Ice Cube Makers Commercial Ice ​Maker today. Don't miss out on the ‌opportunity ​to‍ have a well-configured ice machine that saves you money and ⁢provides you with the convenience you ​deserve.

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